Although not a common sight on roads these days, India is home to a substantial number of old, vintage and classic vehicles. That said, the market for the same is utterly disorganized and scattered. At fixpaana we aspire to build a one stop shop for the classic vehicle marketplace! is India’s first classifieds website dedicated to classic and vintage cars and motorcycles (pre year 2000). On fixpaana enthusiasts can post listings for the vehicles they currently have for sale as well as find the best unique vehicles available for sale in India.

To post a listing:

  1. Click on the “Add Listing” button on the top right corner
  2. Sign into your account or Register using a valid email address
  3. Select the category you wish to create a listing under (Cars, Bikes or Parts)
  4. Fill the “Add Details” form to the best of your knowledge and ability. Note: Unless explicitly marked “OPTIONAL”, all fields are Required and must be filled honestly
  5. In the “Description” box, it is recommended that you write a brief history of the vehicle for sale. Some points to address could be :
    • Number of owners since new
    • Service history of the vehicle
    • Any major work done to the vehicle eg. engine rebuild, rust repair, painting, rewiring etc.
    • Accident and flood damage history
    • Modification history (any changes made to alter/enhance/modernize the vehicle compared to how it came from the factory)
    • List of parts, spares etc. that come with the vehicle
    • Interesting facts/stories that make the vehicle unique
      • When listing Parts, do mention:
        • The year and model of vehicle the parts are compatible with and
        • Manufacturer/OEM part number if available
  6. Click Submit
  7. To maintain the quality of listings, our moderators will check your listing for accuracy and correctness and approve the listing at the earliest.
  8. Once approved the listing will become live on the website for the entire enthusiast community to see!


  • A picture is worth 1000 words. Thus, as a rule, each post requires a minimum upload of three pictures showing the vehicle or part available for sale.

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