To an onlooker, classic cars tend to either be objects of yesteryear that look out of place on the roads of today or just merely unusual “vintage” cars that are pleasant to look at due to the novelty . It generally takes a mechanic, electrician, bodybuilder, restorer or an enthusiast to actually appreciate a classic car for what it really is: a piece of technology, design, culture, aesthetic and more significantly an experience of a bygone era. Calling these vehicles “time capsules” doesn’t seem as absurd as it sometimes sounds when seen in this light.

One such classic car that has only recently started seeing the appreciation that was long overdue would be the humble Ambassador. Having experienced first hand what it takes to keep these cars up and running I thought it would do all of us enthusiasts, mechanics, electricians etc. a lot of good if we share the resources that have come our way over time. One such resource that is absolutely invaluable to anybody owning, working on or even thinking of buying such a car is the owners manual and the workshop manual. It is with this intention that I am sharing the owners manual for the Hindustan Ambassador Mark 1 and the Mark 2 respectively so that all of those that seek more information and knowledge can have access to it. Cheers!

P.S. I must credit Mr.Sanat Patil (a Mark 2 owner and enthusiast) for sharing the Mark 1 manual and TeamBHP user “ram.west” for the Mark 2 manual. I did myself put together the multiple docs and pictures into a neat pdf (if you are wondering what my yogdaan was in this process :D). Although not for an Ambassador, I do have a workshop manual for the Morris Oxford Series 3 that I will probably digitize and share here soon. To speed the process up, you can definitely comment or message me on my socials. Untill then, Drive Tastefully! (it’s sad Petrolicious is no longer what it used to be….)


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